Life coaching with Emily Jupp

"I think everyone deserves an Emily in their lives. She really did give me clarity to see what's going on in my life but better yet - she always saw the best in me - always - and we all need that."

Sophie Nathan, Arts Programmer

About Me

I am a Certified Coach working with creative people at all levels.
I am a former journalist with over a decade of experience interviewing pop stars and actors for quality broadsheets and magazines.

I use my experience of interviewing people to help my clients explore what they really want from their lives and help discover how to get there.

I also combine these insights into how the media operates with my coaching qualifications to help some of my clients with media relations, to navigate media exposure.

If you have worked with me you know I operate with integrity, sensitivity, kindness and confidentiality. I like practical skills and will arm you with a toolbox that you can use again and again.

I work very flexibly and I'm happy to have sessions in a way that suits your schedule.

Have a look at the options below to get a flavour of what I can offer.


Goal-Based Approach

Find your best life

Emily is an extremely personable and open coach to work with. She helped me to feel confident in my ambitions, and to work out the achievable steps to get there. I feel really lucky to have been able to have this coaching at a time where I was feeling quite anxious about the future. Emily helped to ground me and keep me focussed. I'll definitely come back to her in the future when I'm at another crossroads.

Tash Hyman, Theatre Director

Media Coaching Session

I know exactly what to expect from interviews with journalists because I have extensive experience and knowledge of the media. I can help you to navigate interviews smoothly and coach you on how to avoid difficult questions, how to steer the interview and how to present yourself. I can also combine this with a deeper approach where we look at what you want to reveal at what time and to whom and what you'd prefer to keep private. Each of these coaching sessions can take from as little as an hour to several days, depending on what you need.

After six sessions with Emily, I feel more confident and clear about my priorities and goals for my career and life. I would recommend Emily to anyone looking for a knowledgable, kind and patient coach to explore options and find clarity for their creative path.

Mia Lewis, Senior Digital Producer, V&A

Life Coaching Package

Do you need to shift your priorities? are you exhausted? do you feel you're not getting out enough for the effort you're putting into your life and work? This is a holistic and bespoke package where we examine how you use your time and energy and where you feel you are stuck or need change, taking an overview of your whole life and working from there to look at what really matters to you.  We will work together to create change, get clarity and make sure you feel good about the direction you're headed in.

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Career Coaching Package

Are you feeling stuck? demotivated? or unexcited by your career? do you feel like giving up? or do you love your career and simply want to take things to the next level? do you want to change things for the better? Do you need a confidence boost or to gain more control? I can work with you to find what really excites you and to motivate you to excel in your chosen field. You can expect to start to feel more motivated after just one or two 50-minute sessions and see real change after six sessions. 

“Our life is what our thoughts make it”

Marcus Aurelius


Emily's coaching has been really uplifting and motivating. It's helped me to find focus and clarity with simplicity and ease, for the next steps forward with projects and life in general! It's been so great to have Emily championing me on, providing a voice of encouragement and advice. Thank you!

Rukhsana Jahangir, Family Arts Network Co-Ordinator

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  • Life Coach, accredited by the Association for Coaching

  • Psychology BSc

  • Foundation in Counselling Skills

  • Specialist in coaching with emotions

  • Over a decade of experience interviewing people from diverse walks of life and explaining complex concepts with clarity.

50-minute Discovery session

I'm always happy to chat to see if we will be a good fit. Call me on +44(0)7956044418 or email to discover how we could work together.

There is no charge for this session and no obligation to commit to further sessions.


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